Chrissy went to a party tonight, and it really sucked. She’s glad she didn’t bother dressing up; she just threw on some tight jeans and a white tank top. She got so bored she left the party and is just wandering the hallways, wishing for some adventure to spice up her evening. She is certainly in for some excitement when our sexy vampire mistress Diana, a vision of shiny lust in her full-length black latex dress and latex opera gloves, finds Chrissy and easily seduces her with her erotic vampire charms. Chrissy finds herself in the vampire’s lair, deep under her sensual spell, and Diana begins to undress her, peeling off her tank top and simple white bra to reveal Chrissy’s beautiful natural breasts. Diana unzips Chrissy’s blue jeans, sliding them down along with her blue thong panties, then begins to play with her new girl toy, licking and sucking Chrissy’s hard nipples and running her latex-gloved hands all over Chrissy’s nubile, naked body. Diana bends Chrissy over and begins groping, spanking and even biting her round and supple naked ass and kissing her deeply, as Chrissy is transported deeper into this vampire sex fantasy come to life. Diana delivers more erotic spankings to Chrissy’s delicious ass until the sexual bloodlust overcomes her and she sinks her fangs deep into Chrissy’s warm and inviting throat. Chrissy’s hot blood pours down her body, between her round, perky tits and down her succulent thighs as Diana feeds deeply from her. Chrissy’s bloody nude body slowly slumps to the floor, and Diana holds her closely, softly kissing her, as they sink into mutual bliss.